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Recycling in the Malvern Hills district

Household recycling in the Malvern Hills district is collected:

  • Once a fortnight - find your collection day
  • in a green wheeled recycling bin where possible
  • from inside the boundary of your property nearest the main road - please do not obstruct public highways - check location
  • between 7am and 5pm - please place your recycling out for collection by 7am  A green bin

Please put items for recycling into your green wheeled bin loose - do not use a bin liner or put recycling in bags.

  • We provide a free email or SMS text refuse and recycling collection reminder service. Sign up for the service here. 
  • If you have difficulty placing your recycling bin out for collection we offer an assisted collection service.
  • Our recycling rate in Malvern Hills District is around 32% .....we need to do as much as we can to recycle more.
  • for more information and advise on recycling please visit 
  • Households which are unsuitable to use a recycling bin are provided with a recycling sack collection. For safety reasons glass can not be recycled via recycling sacks.
  • Residents who use the recycling sacks can take their glass bottles and jars to the nearest bottle bank for recycling - to find out when your recycling is collected please enter your postcode into the collection day search

Recycling Information - with glass


















For information on how to recycle items not included in the above list go to our recycling hints and tips section.





If you have any questions about your recycling collection service please have a look at the FAQ's below, or contact the Worcestershire HUB.

Where does the recycling go?

The items you recycle are taken to Envirosort. You can find out more about how commingled collections work and the difference you are making by recycling on the Envirosort website

lets waste lessFind out more about how you can reduce your waste, reuse and recycle.  


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I cannot store a wheelie bin – how will I be able to recycle?

We can offer a compact recycling bin to households which do not have enough outside space to store a standard sized bin. If you think a compact bin may be better for you please contact us to discuss your needs. We recognise that a small proportion of households have no outside space to store a wheeled bin so recycling sacks will continue to be provided.

2. Will I get into trouble for putting the wrong items in my bin?

No! Malvern Hills’ residents have a great reputation for being good recyclers and this council is fully committed to helping everyone recycle as much as possible. Please have a look at the recycling page of our website for information on what can be recycled.

3. What if I cannot physically manage a wheeled bin?

We have chosen our wheeled recycling bins carefully to ensure they are as easy to manage as possible.  If you cannot manoeuvre the wheeled bin safely due to disability or infirmity and there is no one available who is fit and able enough to move it for you we can provide an assisted collection service. Our operatives will collect the recycling and refuse from an agreed location closer to your door. If you feel that an assisted collection will benefit you please contact us.

4. I have not been given a recycling bin?

We can only provide recycling bins to households that our large collection vehicles are able to get to.  Households along narrow lanes, tracks or with long driveways whose refuse is currently collected using small vehicles (which cannot be fitted with bin lifting technology) will keep the cherry recycling sacks.  We are looking at ways in which we may be able to provide wheeled recycling bins to some of these households in the future.

5. I don’t want a wheeled bin, can I keep using recycling sacks?

Changes to the law requires councils to provide glass recycling collections to as many households as possible by January 2015 and the most efficient, cost effective method for achieving this is using recycling bins.  We cannot therefore offer householders a choice between a recycling bin or recycling sack.  We are committed to providing the best possible service to all our customers and will be more than happy to discuss how we can help overcome your concerns, for example; providing a different size of recycling bin or an assisted collection.

6. When will you empty my wheeled recycling bin?

Your recycling bin will be collected fortnightly on the same day your black refuse sack is collected. Instructions and a collection calendar will be included in the information pack delivered with the bin.  Please subscribe to our email and text collection reminder service which is designed to make our collections arrangements as easy for you as possible.
7. Why will my wheeled recycling bin emptied fortnightly?

We know that our customers priority is for a weekly collection of black sack because refuse can become smelly and unpleasant if stored for long periods. Recycling is clean and dry which means it does not need to be collected as often. Recycling bins do cost more to collect than recycling sacks and fortnightly collections strikes a balance between collecting a wider range of materials for recycling and keeping the service affordable.

8. Where should I put my wheeled recycling bin for emptying?

The recycling bin should be placed just inside the boundary of your property nearest the highway or main road.  Usually this will be at the end of your drive or just inside your garden gate. If we have agreed an alternative collection point with you please continue to use this. Please avoid causing an obstruction on public footpaths.

9. Can I put my house name/number on my wheeled recycling bin?

If you wish to identify the bin assigned to your property with a number or unique identifier you are more than welcome to do so - please ensure the marking looks tidy and does not damage the bin.  
10. Can I cover/decorate my wheeled recycling bin?

As long as the covering does not damage the recycling bin or affect us collecting or emptying it we are happy for you to cover the bin.  Please note that we cannot be held responsible if the bin and/or its cover is lost, stolen or damaged.  We can replace the bin but not the cover.

11. What do I do if my bin is lost, stolen or damaged?

If your bin is lost, stolen or damaged under normal usage we will replace it free of charge. Please contact us via the Worcestershire HUB.

12. Who owns my bin – me or the council?

The wheeled bins we supply remain the property of the council.  We ask that you look after your bin and use it only for the purpose which it is intended; collecting and storing your clean and dry recycling.

13. Do I need to use a bin liner?

Please do not use a bin liner or put recycling in plastic bags as this prevents items being recycled. If all your recycling is clean and dry you will not need bags or liners. Please keep your items loose.

14. Who cleans my bin if it gets dirty?

All your recycling should be clean and dry before it goes in the bin therefore it shouldn’t need cleaning.  We do not offer a cleaning service because we do not believe that you will need one. You are more than welcome to hose/jet wash or simply wipe the bin clean if you wish to do so but we do not consider this necessary.

15. Will you provide instructions on how to use my bin?

Using the bin is easy and simple - everything that you would previously have put in your cherry recycling sacks now goes in your wheeled bin, together with glass bottles and jars.  We will send you all the information you need along with the bin, including a calendar to remind you on which week to put your bin out.  There are no penalties if you make a mistake - the important thing to remember is to recycle as much as possible.

16. Why does my recycling bin contain a micro chip?

Each recycling bin is fitted with a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip. This contains only the serial number of the bin and registers the bin to the household to which it is provided, so that we can deal quickly and efficiently with requests for repairs, replacement or to help deal with collection problems.

We also use RFID technology to collect operational information on recycling bin collections - including when we empty bins and the weight of recycling we collect. We need the information to provide a cost effective service and we do not use it for other purposes. 

You can find out more about Envirosort by visiting their website.

If you can't find an answer to your question please get in touch with us via the Worcestershire HUB.

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